I like the room in which I now sleep. The sky is always present and changing. It has been said by others and I find it true, that sunrise is the most perfect part of the day. There is a sense then of promise. In these moments a warm canopy surrounds me. This time is empty of chores and mundane thoughts and right now I am not even thinking of you. I am not missing you quite as much. It is a pure sensation and I am comfortable. I think of Ovid’s description of Chaos: “the world was formed from a rude and undigested mass. No sun was lighted up, no moon did yet her blunted horns renew, nor yet was Earth suspended in the sky.” I am here millenniums later, an inhabitant of this planet and see the sun as the most vibrant thing. It sails away from the horizon quickly and the day lights up. That moment passes quickly as I try to embrace it.

~~excerpt from , A Reluctant Life.

Ramsjo Sky - Copy.jpg